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Whether in look or in function: Blaupunkt appliances harmonize and communicate with each other, creating unique appliance concepts.

Built-in oven

  • Ovens
  • Electric stoves

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Compact devices

  • Combination steam cooker
  • Compact microwave oven
  • Warming drawer

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  • Hobs
  • Gas hobs
  • Downdrafts
  • Electric hobs


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Extractor hoods

  • Vertical hoods
  • Island flue
  • Oblique flue
  • Wall flue
  • Flat hood

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  • Dishwasher
  • Compact dishwasher

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Washing & Drying

  • Washer Dryer
  • Washing machines
  • Dryers

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Fridge appliances

  • Refrigerators
  • Refrigerator / freezer combination
  • Freezer
  • Free-standing refrigerator / freezer combination

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Discover the Dark Steel series from Blaupunkt

Everything in one line, that was our goal when developing the new Blaupunkt Dark Steel series. The appliances are carefully aligned to create you a comfortable kitchen space. Ovens and compact appliances can be combined in various ways – along clear, uniform lines of design with black glass and white displays.

Blaupunkt hobs – heat in a nutshell.

Not all heat is alike. Sometimes, you need to increase the temperature quickly – a short burst of heat to brown the food to perfection. Other times, you need time – uniform heat for gentle cooking.

Blaupunkt sinks - The right sink for every kitchen

Choosing the right material for your kitchen sink is essential to ensuring that you enjoy using it for years to come. Because of this, all Blaupunkt sinks are manufactured of highly robust quartz composite. It consists of 80 % natural quartz sand – the hardest component that makes up granite – and 20 % acrylic resin. The surfaces of the sinks are slightly rough, but not porous – they feel like stone, yet warm.

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